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Gold Disability Services

Putting you at the core of all that we do.

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Cartoon of man in wheelchair with carer. Both sitting at table smiling and talking

How we help you

At Gold Disability Services we are passionate about providing support to the people who need it most. We are here to support you with a range of services that helps you to achieve your goals whether that be to be more independent, partake more in your community or anything else.

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What sets us apart

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do and we offer a supportive, innovative approach to our services to ensure you get the best, tailored, quality care that suits your requirements.

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Caregiver with Patient

About Gold Disability Services.

The people we support are at the centre of all that we do.

Here at Gold Disability Services, we pride ourselves on our high-level quality care that encompasses our core values throughout everything we do. Our business is based on respect, inclusion, empathy, and innovation that allow us to offer the best support to you.


Our team are highly experienced and aligned with our business values and goals so that we can all work together to give you the best service. Together we can help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

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Why Choose Us To Support You?

We Are Respectful

We Are Respectful

We appreciate every person’s unique walk of life, their challenges and their background.


We provide a safe, accepting environment where each person is treated with respect and dignity so they can be open and honest with the support the require.

We Are Inclusive

We Are Inclusive

We pride ourselves on our welcoming environment and we accept each individuals different views, opinions and values.


Through this we offer a space where people feel comfortable and know that they are free to be their authentic self.

We Are Empathetic

We Are Empathetic

Empathy allows us to put ourselves in one’s shoes and really understand who they are, where they come from and what their aspirations are.


Through listening to hear and not just to listen, we are able to build deeper relationships that allow us to provide tailored high-quality care.

We Are Innovative

We Are Innovative

We are a team who thrives on learning from our past and working together to adapt and come up with new, better ideas around how to offer the best support.


Innovation drives us forward and allows us to stay at the forefront of offering the best quality services.

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Speak with us today about how we can support you.

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